Action is back to the 2009 Luderitz Speed Challenge

November 14, 2009 | Kiteboarding

Luderitz Speed Challenge

After a week of near calm, broken only by bizarrely unseasonal rainstorms and drizzle, today dawned bright, clear and windy.

The speed strip was opened again, and competitors had another opportunity to train and familiarize themselves with it.

A number of new people have arrived in the past few days - Fred Kloren, Hennie Bredenkamp, Marc Avela pulled into town yesterday evening from Cape Town, and needed a bit of a run to get the 1100km of sitting in a comfy chair out of their legs. It was a great preview for tomorrow, especially for the competitors who had arrived as recently as yesterday.

With the wind blowing blowing between 25 to 30 knots, many riders were recording speeds in the low forties, the fastest time of the day going to Sebastian Cattelan, who recorded an unverified time of 46.5 knots, with Rob Douglas, Jerôme Bila, and Alex Caizergues all hot on his heals.

The rough water near the end of the strip was again proving challenging, with heavy chop -- hitting ‘speed-bumps’ 20-30cm high when you’re doing 80kph+ requires a lot of strength, balance and luck to save a wipeout.

Today’s run showed that almost everyone has stepped up their game from last year, as competitors were recording “training” times that two or three years ago would have meant new records - and the wind was barely even blowing as hard as it can - and does!

Everyone is looking forward to this weekend when the wind is really supposed to come through, with forecasts looking at adding another 10-15 knots to today’s conditions.

Tomorrow, the riders will finally get a chance to prove that their new equipment and new technique will translate into new personal bests and new world records.

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