Adam Koch: he depresses windsurfers

Adam Koch was the grand winner of the Ronstan Bay Challenge 2011. The long distance race in the San Francisco Bay saw a kiteboarder taking over the fleet of Formula windsurfers in 1h19m21s, only 14 second less than second placed Xavier Ferlet.

The battle was intense and held in a simple, yet thrilling course. All sailors started off in the city front, headed to the Golden Gate Bridge windward mark and finally to the leeward mark at the Berkeley Pier.

It was amazing to watch a fierce competition. Kitesurfer versus windsurfers is becoming a true classic with ever changing victories. This time, kiters were faster and even managed to put another rider - Chip Wasson - in the last place of the podium.

The wind was pretty intense and any mistake would mean losing places in the overall rankings. "With these long distance races, it’s essential you can find a comfortable position to take the rapture the SF Bay serves up", says Steve Bodner, the sixth best racer.

A total of 26 sailors completed the Ronstan Bay Challenge 2011. While Koch sailed 20 miles to victory in 1h19m21s, the last contestant cleared the race in 3h34m. It was Robert Li, a kiteboarder.


1. Adam Koch
2. Xavier Ferlet
3. Chip Wasson
4. Ben Bamer
5. Mike Percey
6. Steven Bodner
7. Bryan Lake
8. Eric Christianson
9. William Morris
10. Weyman Lundquist

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