Adam Vance claims the 2010 Canadian National Championships

August 29, 2010 | Kiteboarding
Squamish: Adam Vance might be found somewhere...

Adam Vance has won the 2010 West Coast Open and the 2010 Canadian National Championships of Kiteboard Racing in Squamish, BC, Canada.

The event was held in very difficult weather conditions.

The smooth breeze of the Squamish wasn't available for kiteboarders and the average race times were obviously worse than the usual.

That's why tactics and physical skills were decisive to find the overall winners.

2010 West Coast Open – Overall:
1st Place ($300): Adam Vance (CAN - Ozone, NJS)
2nd Place ($200): Kyle Touhey (CAN - Rista Design, O’Neill)
3rd Place ($100): Stefano Rista (CAN - Rista Design, O’Neill)

2010 West Coast Open – Women:
1st Place (winning a Cabrinha Nugget): Rainbow Monds (Airtime Boardsports)
2nd Place: Kris Kinn (Best)
3rd Place: Kirsten Ulmer (Cabrinha, NPX)

2010 Canadian National Championships:
1st Place ($200): Adam Vance (Ozone, NJS)
2nd Place ($125): Kyle Touhey (Rista Design, O’Neill)
3rd Place ($75): Stefano Rista (Rista Design, O’Neill)