Alex Caizergues sets new world speed sailing record with 54.10 knots

October 13, 2010 | Kiteboarding

Alex Caizergues: the fastest sailor on earth

Alex Caizergues has officially set a new World Speed Sailing Record, at 54.10 knots, during his first run, at 15h38, yesterday afternoon.

Five New National records were broken on the same day:

USA - Rob Douglas, 51.88
Namibia - Stefan Metzger 45.02
New Zealand - Gavin Broadbent, 50.93
French Womens National record - Charlotte Consorti, 45.23
Australia -Tim Pumpa, 46.78 (best kite speed record performance)

Sweden -Anders Bringdal, 44.80.
U.K - Zara Davis, 36.99, Female World performance with Production Board

Sebastien Cattelan, from France, is placed second in the world speed sailing rankings at 52.33 knots.

The battle for the title of "the fastest speed sailor in the world" is far from over with more big winds forecast here in Luderitz - not only for this week, but for most of October - we will keep you updated with the official WSSRC records as soon as they are released.

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