Alex Caizergues wins the Défi Kite 2014

May 26, 2014 | Kiteboarding
Défi Kite 2014: the Tramontane plays its game

Alex Caizergues has sailed to victory at the Défi Kite 2014, at Plage des Chalets, Gruissan, France.

Light winds were not enough for a second round of races at the Defi Kite 2014, so the organization put out just-for-fun competitions. Fans got the opportunity to discover the virtues of the foil board.

Although the Tramontane was not present all the time during the weekend, it did, however, offer the contestants one exceptional race. The first day of competition saw strong winds coming into play.

Riders were forced to review their equipment before setting sail, in winds ranging between 35 and 40 knots, and choppy waters. Although it was more complicated for the amateur competitors, the fleet managed to set off without any major problems.

On the water, as the wind seems to get even stronger, positions are quickly established. Alex Caizergues, wisely switching equipment at the last minute and abandoning his foil for a well-used speed-crossing board, rapidly puts an end to the suspense and builds up a significant lead within the first leg.

He finished well ahead of his two direct rivals Nicolas Parlier and Maxime Noché, who both suffered throughout the course but still managed to end up on the podium. Many contestants fell, once or several times, and in the end they confirm the wave and spray-ridden race.

Living up to her reputation, Marie Desandre-Navarre wins it in the Women's division, right in front of Ariane Imbert and Fabienne d'Ortoli.

Défi Kite 2014 Results

1. Alexandre Caizergues
2. Nicolas Parlier
3. Maxime Nocher

1. Marie Desandre-Navarre
2. Ariane Imbert
3. Fabienne d'Ortoli

Amateur Men
1. Tilman Heining
2. Mayeul Riffet
3. Jérôme Serny

Amateur Women
1. Eugénie Hebrard-Vasseur
2. Melanie Carle
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