Alex Pastor and Gisela Pulido win Mondial du Vent 2012

April 12, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Alex Pastor: great air turn, dude

Alex Pastor and Gisela Pulido came victorious out of the double eliminations, at the Mondial du Vent 2012, France, the second stage of the 2012 PKRA World Tour.

The wind began strong early in the morning and competition officially began. As it turned out, all eyes were on Zoon today, as he faced a 10-heat climb after his surprising loss to the youngest competitor on tour – Liam Whaley.

Zoon, therefore looked to a long day of competition in order to get back on the podium. To this end, his performance was quite remarkable, and he nearly reached his goal, before eventually losing on his 8th heat of the day to Alberto Rondina.

Youri nearly made it seem effortless, powering through his biggest tricks and executing close to flawless maneuvers, such as a Blind Judge 5 scored at 8.13. Zoon put forth explosive energy, with his power and speed on complete lock-down.

In fact, Youri Zoon achieved the highest score of the day at a 53.2 in his heat against Kevin Langeree, who did very well by comparison. In his incredibly close match against top-ranked rider, Marc Jacobs, Zoon threw down an impressive Front Blind, along with other big maneuvers, while Jacobs impressed with a S-3 and 720 Back Mobe.

Big scores of sevens and eights came in from the judge’s tower as the wind averaged 17 knots and the spectators stood in awe.

Another closely watched heat of the day took place between Eudazio Da Silva – the rising star out of Brazil – and the seasoned competitor, Kevin Langeree, who continues to make a strong impression after his return from knee surgery recovery.

Both competitors rode big straight out of the gate with their larger kites, hitting big Back Mobes and KGBs. Langeree was victorious in this round, exhibiting amazing power and execution with a 313 grab, among other well-placed tricks.

In the last men’s heat of the day, Alex Pastor needed only one win to secure the first place podium finish, which he did with a total of 50.3 points over Alberto Rondina’s 26.88 score. In reference to his big win, Pastor asserted that he is stoked to currently hold the 2012 first place ranking.

The women brought their game faces as well, as Clementine Bonsom and Marie Switala were the first females to enter the water. Manuela Jungo executed a nice Blind Judge to advance her forward in one heat, while Asia Litwin celebrated her 18th birthday with a solid Blind Judge as well, and strong raley maneuvers.

Karolina ended up providing spectators with the biggest show, as she clearly pushed her limits and went big and powered at every opportunity. Many said she was on fire, while others simply marveled at her level of commitment in some of her most difficult moves, which earned her a second place finish.

As expected, Gisela Pulido and Bruna Kajiya also did extremely well, earning first and third place, respectively. Gisela later commented that it was difficult to handle the changing conditions, but that her kite performed well and she was very happy to come out on top.

By the time final eliminations came to a close, nearly 25,000 individuals had visited the PKRA live feed. Looking back on the event, the computerized iPad system combined with the new scoring methods allowed for an interesting an exciting competition, one which surely sets a precedent for the events to come.

1. Alex Pastor
2. Alberto Rondina
3. Youri Zoon

1. Gisela Pulido
2. Karonlina Winkowska
3. Bruna Kajiya