Alex Pastor wins 2011 PKRA New Caledonia

December 2, 2011 | Kiteboarding
PKRA New Caledonia: Michael Siret lifts off

Alex Pastor and Asia Litwin won the 2011 Nissan Noumea Kitesurf Pro, in New Caledonia, in perfect conditions with a solid twenty knots of wind. Youri Zoon battled back for a spot on the podium and Marc Jacobs moved up to third place in the rankings for the 2011 season.

In the first few heats of the day we saw some great performances from Maxime Landreau and Micheal Dinclaux. They showed great technique and rode extremely powered. Ewan Jaspan also had a great first heat landing a really nice NIS and powered blind judge and 313.

Michael Siret was riding really well showing tricks with height and power like his loop 3. Their run would ultimately come to an end when they met the top guys on tour.

One of the most exiting heat of the day was the one between local star Tom Hebert and 2011 World Champion Youri Zoon. Tom sent the biggest kiteloop back mobe we have seen this year and landed it, he also had a impressive grabbed NIS. However it was not enough to stop Youri who was riding extremely powered with flawless execution.

Sebastien Garat was also riding very well, he had good tricks and nice execution, a nice front mobe but again could not stop Youri Zoon from moving up in the rankings.

Youri will eventually go on to beat Mario Rodwald and get his revenge from the single elimination. He also beat Alberto Rondina to finally be stopped in third place by Marc Jacobs who beat him at his own game.

Marc was able to match Youri's power but also add a few technical tricks to take down the world champion. Mark was stoked to beat the world champion, get a second place in this event and on top of that move up to the third place in the yearly rankings.

Youri was pleased with his performance of winning six heats in a row against the top guys and finishing on the podium. “You can't win everything” was the quote of the day by Youri Zoon.

Alex Pastor continued his dominance in this event and won the final in the dying winds of the evening. He felt very good about his riding and this victory is motivated him to do even better next year, Alex is currently ranked second overall.

The women’s competition belonged to Holly Kennedy and Asia Litwin. Holly could best describe her day as being “Awesome”.

As a matter of fact Holly came from the back of the field all the way to the second place, by winning five heats in a row and only being stopped by Asia Litwin who was on fire today. Asia Litwin landed some massive tricks and a nice switch slim chance to give her the top spot on the podium.