Lake Silvaplana: a kiteboarder enjoys an outdoor cryotherapy session | Photo: Chesa Media

You'll probably need a drysuit to watch the following video clip. The authors call it "outdoor cryotherapy."

Lake Silvaplana is probably the best kitesurfing spot in Switzerland. It's a magical place where high temperatures range from 32°F (0°) to 59°F (15°).

The stunning 2.7 square kilometer body of water is surrounded by 3,000-meter high mountains and is blessed by predictable winds nearly all year round.

During summertime, kitesurfers, windsurfers, and dinghy sailors invade the local waters and enjoy the fantastic sights.

During wintertime, cross country skiers and ice skaters hit the lake to glide fast across the frozen and slippery surfaces.

However, as spring turns to summer, experienced kiteboarding enthusiasts risk their bones on the defrosting Lake Silvaplana, and help break the ice for beginners and first-timers.

Lake Silvaplana has its dangers, so don't try this at your local frozen lake, river or dam.

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