Antoine Jaubert flies higher at Muriwai Beach

October 1, 2014 | Kiteboarding
Antoine Jaubert: flying for the Starship Foundation | Photo: Mike Peffers

Antoine Jaubert has flown high to conquer the 2nd Kitesurf for Kids Big Air Contest, held at Muriwai Beach, in New Zealand.

Up to 50 kiteboarders gathered to raise more than $6000 for the Starship Foundation, a social-profit organisation that channels funds for the Children's Hospital.

The big air competition was run in sunny skies and 30-knot winds. All riders in the three divisions (Open Men, Open Women, and Amateur) showed spectacular tricks and airborne manoeuvres.

In the eight heats of the Open Men's division there were multiple wipeouts, including a breathtaking mid-air collision between Jaubert and another kiteboarder in the semifinal.

The winner showcased stylish jumps and was even able to pull a double kite loop. Tanja Notter won the Women's contest, while local rider Mark De Beer conquered the Amateur division. Support the Starship Foundation.

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