Arjen van der Tol: 133.4 kmh equals 82.9 mph

Peter Lynn team rider Arjen van der Tol (H42, AKA Fast Arie) did it again. For the second year in a row, he traveled from Holland to Ivanpah Drylake near Las Vegas, USA, to join a large group of kite enthusiasts at the 20th North Atlantic Buggy eXpo, better known as the NABX.

Arjen left Holland with one main goal on his mind: to break the kite buggy world speed record of 124 km/h (77 mph) that he set himself in 2009.

On 31 March, the first day of the event, while most riders still were in a deep sleep - possibly dreaming of great achievements - Arjen went out with a small group of thrill-seekers.

The wind was blowing at staggering speeds when Arjen launched his 2.7 m2 Peter Lynn Vapor and went off.

The group, including Mr. Peter Lynn himself from New Zealand, watched Arjen crossing the dry lake with an incredible speed, and when he returned all were amazed by the 133.4 km/h (82.9 mph) that the display of the GPS was showing. Fast Arie did it again!

Watch the video. We congratulate Arjen on his great achievement. Credits go to Michel Dekker, the designer of the Vapor... the fastest kite on earth.

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