"Aspire" to a new kiteboarding level with Aaron Hadlow

February 3, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Aaron Hadlow: the mystery of the kiteboarding magician

Aaron Hadlow has released the long awaited "Aspire" kiteboarding movie. Featuring impossible tricks and creative new moves, the multiple time freestyle kiteboarding champion takes the sport into stellar grounds.

Hadlow has shot "Aspire" in collaboration with Andy Gordon. The footage is incredible and explores the skills and cool life of the British magician.

It is now possible to clearly understand why Aaron Hadlow left the world competitive kiteboarding scene, for a couple of years. He wanted to explore the limits of his riding and show that he's pushing the sport and the winds forward.

"Aspire" is one of the best kiteboarding movies ever filmed, edited and seen. Aaron Hadlow shows his lifestyle with humor and also explains why he is riding with boots, wake-style.

More than 10 media professionals have been involved in the making of "Aspire", which proves how relevant is kiteboarding, brands and Aaron Hadlow himself. The British rider tells us what should be introduced in freestyle kitesurfing, in order to be a truly spectator-friendly and evolving extreme sport.

"Aspire is full of wake style tricks and rail riding. I was luck enough to be at events pushing myself against some of the top riders for a month prior to shooting. That left me motivated and in good shape to film the movie with Andy", explains Hadlow.

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