Atlantic Canada Kiteboarding Tour kicks off in Prince Edward Island

September 5, 2012 | Kiteboarding
PEI Throwdown: get to know Prince Edward Island

The inaugural Atlantic Canada Kiteboarding Tour has kicked off, at Malpeque Bay, Prince Edward Island, with the PEI Throwdown 2012.

The East Coast of Canada saw the first stop of the new competition open with strong winds. The kite event was held by David Macneill of PEI Kiteboarding. There will be two more stops, at least, for the Atlantic Canada Kiteboarding Tour: Shippagan and Nova Scotia.

"We've been kiting at Princetown Point for 10 years, and it's probably one of the premier spots in the Maritimes," explains Macneill. "We've got flat, shallow, warm water".

"It's very safe here, wide open. You can walk all the way to Courtin Island. There are no beachgoers so we're not really interfering with anybody. It's just the perfect conditions".

The event was held over two days, but Tour competition was slated for Saturday because the wind was forecast to diminish on Sunday. Two dozen kiteboarders attended the event.

There were three kiteboard divisions running at Princetown Point. Course Racing, Freestyle and Big Air competition. Andy Hurdman, pro kiteboarder from Florida, was invited to join the judge panel.

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