Atlantis Beach welcomes the 2014 Kite Ride Bonaire

March 3, 2014 | Kiteboarding
Kite Ride Bonaire: blue water kiteboarding

The 2014 Kite Ride Bonaire will have 14 riders battling for the best tricks, at Atlantis Beach, Bonaire, between 17th-22nd June.

Ruben Lenten, Sam Light, Aaron Hadlow, and many more international kiteboarders will be showing their talent in a wake style water park, in the beautiful island of Bonaire.

"Our goal is that this will challenge and stimulate local youth so that in a few years Bonaire will also have its own top kiteboarders," says Patrick van Seumeren, organizer of the Kite Ride Bonaire.

"We put Bonaire on the map as an international kiteboarding destination. We have shown the warm and relaxing atmosphere that Bonaire offers. And most important, we have involved the local youth."

The Freestyle kiteboarding competition doesn't have a jury. The riders themselves must judge who has won. Seven invitees meet seven wildcards. What will they show spectators?

The 2014 Kite Ride Bonaire will also host a Downwinder for charity, Twin Tip and Course Race divisions, a 40-kilometer Long Distance Classic, and a Hangtime showdown.

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