Australian kiteboarders get new insurance policy

March 17, 2013 | Kiteboarding
Australia: kiteboarders get new insurance plans

Kiteboarding Australia has announced a new insurance program for its members.

The newly created governing body for kiteboarding in Australia has launched a plan which includes the existing public liability policy that Australian kiteboarders have come to rely on, in order to maintain access to beaches and run competitions around the country

The insurance policy includes, for the first time, personal accident insurance. At this stage, the cover is limited to death and disability coverage.

However, this is the first step in providing a more comprehensive insurance program for members. This new cover has been funded by reductions in Kiteboarding Australia's public liability premium, thanks to a focus on better management of the policy including claims procedures.

This policy does not cover commercial activities such as a kiteboard instruction business. In short, the additional benefits have been delivered at no increase to membership fees.

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