Ben Wilson scores world's largest kitesurfed wave

June 16, 2011 | Kiteboarding
Ben Wilson: hold on, dude

Ben Wilson has scored the world's largest kitesurfed wave ever. The experienced rider has taken an incredible wall at the infamous surf spot of Cloudbreak, Namotu Island, in Fiji.

Wilson has been trying to ride the biggest wave possible with a kite for more than five years.

"Probably the most exciting thing about chasing a swell, like the one we caught in Fiji, is that the swell travels from very far away, so it has so much energy and intensity," says the kitesurfing pioneer.

The biggest wave captured on film happened on May 20, 2011.

"When I dropped into that wave, it never let me get to the bottom of the wave. I felt that I was in a motionless wave. All I knew was that I put so much effort into this moment that I needed to hold on till the very end", he adds.

Ben Wilson is one of the best wave kitesurfers in the world. He has already released "Smack" and "The Unknown Road," two DVDs in which he teaches how to improve skills, get confident unhooking, and master riding strapless.

The wave rider has also established his own kitesurf brand, Ben Wilson Surf.

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