Benoit Gaudiot triumphs at the 2014 Weymouth Speed Week

October 28, 2014 | Kiteboarding
Benoit Gaudiot: fast at only 16

Benoit Gaudiot was the fastest sailor at the 2014 Weymouth Speed Week, held in Dorset, England.

After eight rounds of speed windsurfing challenges, everyone knew it was one of the windiest editions since 2006. The organization says windsurfers sailed 2000 kilometers, roughly.

Fortunately, the top positions kept changing around all week, and every round was hard fought. Wind was blowing in the 30-knot mark, with gusts of over 40 knots.

The first ten position on the leaderboard were dominated by windsurfers, but it was a kiteboarder who stole the highest position in the podium.

Sixteen-year-old rider Benoit Guadiot, from France, took on his modified kite board to peak at 36.44 knots over 500 meters, and claim the 2014 Weymouth Speed Week.

"Super happy to see that the work done on the boards this year has been awarded. Thank you to my parents, and my sponsors for all their support," expressed Benoit.

The fastest windsurfer was Patrick Van Hoof, from Belgium. He clocked at 34.56 knots, ahead of the best British sailor of the event, Kevin Greenslade, with 33.82 knots.

Despite being the only professional British windsurfer in competition, Zara Davis managed to race at 29.48 knots and finished 27th in the overall ranking.

2014 Weymouth Speed Week | Top 10 Results

1. Benoit Gaudiot, 36.441 knots
2. Patrick Van Hoof, 34.567 knots
3. Kevin Greenslade, 33.825 knots
4. Peter Young, 33.616 knots
5. Simon Cofield, 33.540 knots
6. Nigel Spriggs, 33.219 knots
7. Simon Pettifer, 32.932 knots
8. Jim Crossley, 32.710 knots
9. Stephen Corps, 32.483 knots
10. Mark Matthews, 32.237 knots

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