Best Kiteboarding promises lifetime warranty gear

October 19, 2011 | Kiteboarding
Best Kiteboarding: watch the warranty, mate

Best Kiteboarding has announced the industry’s first, free, fair and reasonable lifetime warranty. The iconic kitesurfing company wants to better the usual 90 days warranty cover and has decided to prove their faith in their own products.

"We give a lifetime guarantee that everything we make will be free from material and manufacture defects for as long as it is owned by the original purchaser", says the kiteboarding company.

Best believes that if you take care of your gear you deserve to be taken care of as well. That’s why they accept warranty submissions from careful customers regardless of how old their equipment is.

Best Kiteboarding has approved 95% of all warranties requests for 2008 kites submitted during the 2011 season. If your kite is showing heavy signs of repeated crash damage and fails due to accumulated misuse, then that’s probably not a warranty.

"If you shred the bottom of your board on a reef, break fins on the beach or snap a surf board messing up big-air, there’s nothing we can do for you. If you are lucky enough to ride for hours, nearly every day and you wear your kite out after a full season, then that’s fair wear and tear, we are jealous, but it’s still not a warranty", underlines Best.

Also, if you lose your kite due to carelessness, wipe out while surfing and the kite canopy rips while going through the spin cycle, kite or board color changes after extended exposure in the sun or repair your kite and then it gives way again in the same spot you already repaired, then that won't be covered by warranty.

The warranty only applies to products bought directly from us or from an authorized Best dealer. Secondhand purchases, or eBay purchases are not covered under warranty, even if the products were listed as “new” or appear to be sold via a shop through eBay.