Big air kiteboarders will fly over Cape Town

January 15, 2014 | Kiteboarding
Red Bull King of the Air: getting high

The Red Bull King of the Air 2014 will defy the world's best kiteboarders, on Big Bay, in Cape Town, South Africa, for a breathtaking extreme challenge, on the 25th January.

Twelve invited riders from 2013 and 12 wildcards will be performing impossible tricks and moves in the skies of Cape Town, as the Red Bull King of the Air 2014 invites spectators for a show of megaloops and high jumps.

Jesse Richman, Nick Jacobsen, Sam Light, Gianni Aragno, Ruben Lenten, Lewis Crathern, Oswald Smith, Shawn Richman, Billy Parker, Kevin de Smidt, Kevin Langeree, and Andries Fourie are the masters of ceremony.

Aaron Hadlow, Alex Pastor, Reno Romeu, Linus Erdmann, alongside Jandre Fraser, Sam Medysky, Steven Akkersdijk, Tom Hebert, Jerrie van de Kop, Graham Howes, Stuart Downey, and Johnno Scholte complete the big air roster.

Young Hawaiian Jesse Richman will defend his Red Bull King of the Air 2013 title. This is not a competition for the average kiter. Prepare for the highest jumps you've ever seen in professional kiteboarding.

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