Lewis Crathern: the father of the Big Air Open Kitesurfing Classic in Worthing

The Big Air Open Kitesurfing Classic 2012 will hit Worthing, UK, on the 14th July 2012. The inaugural kiteboarding event is set to become a classic kitesurfing contest, well beyond the Olympic year.

Lewis Crathern, Worthing resident known internationally for his big air skills and pier jumping, is actively involved in bringing the event to his home town with Breathe Unity and putting Worthing on the map of world kitesurfing.

The contest format is quite simple and makes a direct challenge: how high can you jump? Points are awarded for the maximum height reached and 36 riders are in, 12 of which are local wildcards.

The Big Air Open Kitesurfing Classic is open to male and female competitors aged minimum 18. The format of The Big Air Open is based on a total of 28 heats, each of them lasting eight minutes.

Three riders will be battling it out on the water in each heat, with the first and second place finishers advancing to the next round. The overall champion and winner of The Big Air Open 2012 will be determined by a final heat of 3 riders.

Lewis Crathern, the creator of the innovative format, will be commentating at The Big Air Open Kitesurfing Classic 2012.

List of Invited Kiteboarders

Andrew Alston
Ben Basson
Martyn Bells
Will Davison
Eric D'ray
Henrietta Durbin
Axl Ferraro
Steven Godley
Ian Gray
Lionel Hatch
Martyn Hogg
James Inkpen
Ed Jarman
Jezmondo Jones
Daren Keeble
Andrina Kelly
Karolina Kurek
Grant Langley
Kevin Maguire
Ady Mitchell
Daniel Morrice
Lance Nunn
Paul Rubens
Matthew Russell
Jake Scrace
Alex Sellick
Antony Skinner
Natasha Stipp
Dan Sweeney
Oli Sweeney
Dave Terry
Rob Woodward
Lee Worsfold

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