Bjorn Rune Jensen wins the Battle of the Sund 2014

August 18, 2014 | Kiteboarding
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Bjorn Rune Jensen has been the fastest rider at the Red Bull Battle of the Sund 2014, a kiteboarding marathon held between Sweden and Denmark.

With 250 kiteboarders from 16 different nations out in the water, it was time to rewrite the history of the great naval battle that took place November 8th, 1658, and that was lost by Sweden.

But the problem is that Rune Jensen, a kiteboarder from Denmark, had other plans. He ended up winning the 40-kilometer Open class challenge in one hour and 31 minutes.

"It was fantastic! I had prepared myself thoroughly for this competition and when I was the first to round Flakfortet I felt that it would be hard to beat me," explains Jensen.

The Red Bull Battle of the Sund had strong winds at the rounding point on Danish waters, and many kiteboarders didn't even reach the turning point at the Flakfortet island.

The fastest sailors were peaking at 30 knots. Atte Keppel won in the trendy Twintip division while the fastest woman was Camilla Ringvold, from Norway.

"This was the most challenging thing I've ever done! Much worse than last year's competition between Germany and Denmark with the same distance. Shifting winds, turning winds and sea grass that gut stuck in the fin. But at the same time a lot more fun," added Ringvold.

Red Bull Battle of the Sund 2014 | Results

1. Bjorn Rune Jensen
2. Peter Müller
3. Steffen Oevind

1. Atte Keppel
2. Richard Wernersson
3. Michael Roos

1. Camilla Ringvold
2. Anke Brandt
3. Linn Jor