Brandon Scheid: he was the most consistent rider throughout the season | Photo: Maragao/KPL

Brandon Scheid and Karolina Winkowska have conquered the 2018 Kite Park League (KPL).

The last event of the wake-style kiteboarding series got underway in Brazil and had historical conditions. The inaugural Kite Mansion Open was a huge success.

The organization debuted a different competitive format with a left and a right foot forward kicker, both scoring 10 points, and two lines to the left and to the right with two rails, with both scoring 25 points.

In other words, each rider was able to score a maximum of 70 points.

Ramiro Gallart and Annelous Lammerts ended up winning the event after putting out solid and inspiring performances in the features.

Gallart comes from a place where kiteboarding is not a hit, but he was relaxed and just cruised all the way to the finish line showcasing his style and skills.

"I have achieved one of my craziest goals - winning a KPL stop. I couldn't be any happier, and I still can't believe it. We had such a fun time," said Ramiro Gallart.

Lammerts trained hard before the competition and her scores reflected how strong her riding has been. The Dutch landed her tricks consistently and pushed women's riding.

"I am super happy I was able to showcase my best riding and take the win at my home park. I'm so proud of what we have built here. We already plenty of ideas for next year," expressed Annelous Lammerts.

2018 Kite Park League | Top 5

1. Brandon Scheid
2. Ewan Jaspan
3. Noè Font
4. Alex Maes
5. Christophe Tack

1. Karolina Winkowska
2. Julia Castro
3. Annelous Lammerts
4. Colleen Carroll
5. Sensi Graves

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