Brandon Scheid wins the 2010 Sauble Beach KiteJam

September 15, 2010 | Kiteboarding

2010 Sauble Beach KiteJam: a different approach to skateboarding

Brandon Scheid has conquered the 2010 Sauble Beach KiteJam, in Canada. The contest was held just after the Hurricane Earl and everyone was looking for great wind conditions.

But, in the first day, the wind was just enough to keep the kites pumping. Rails, a kicker, a super ghetto up flat rail. Everything was set for a nice kiteboarding competition.

Scheid was on fire and even stuck a big tantrum before the final. In the last day, kiteboarders got 15-20 Western winds, in a perfect "grand finale" to crown the winner of the rail session.

Sauble Beach is one of Canada's top beaches. Next year, kitesurfers will be back for more winds and rails


1st Brandon Scheid
2nd Eric R.
3rd BCS
4th Elliot D.

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