Brandon Scheid wins the 2011 Triple-S Invitational

June 11, 2011 | Kiteboarding

Brandon Scheid: picture taken from the NASA space station

Brandon Scheid has conquered the 2011 Triple-S Invitational, at Cape Hatteras. The kiteboarding event was held in very good sporting conditions.

The warm Atlantic Ocean water, nice waves and the beautiful white sand beaches were saluted by consistent winds. No wetsuits were needed and the Ramp 55/Hatteras Ferry Docks got incredible action moments.

The level of kitesurf riding has once again taken a quantum leap forward, especially given the average surf conditions experienced, which can be found on nearly any beach in the world. All the Triple-S riders, guys and girls, were throwing down great waverides, strapless airs and technical transitions.

In the last day of kiteboarding competition, all riders were hitting the water with 12-metre and then 9-metre kites. Scheid took the top honours followed by Brian Smith and Billy Parker.

Mark Miedama won best surf at the 2011 Triple-S Invitational.

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