Brian Lake and Katja Roose race to victory in Podersdorf

May 6, 2014 | Kiteboarding
2014 PKRA Surf World Cup: 39 knots of wind

Brian Lake and Katja Roose have claimed the top spots at the 2014 PKRA Surf World Cup, in Podersdorf, Austria.

Only one race was run on the final day of the event due to strong winds. The conditions were clearly extreme for slalom racing. Riders were apprehensive to compete in 39 knots of wind, with higher gusts.

In an exciting Men's final race, the tightly packed fleet of nine riders made an exciting sprint to the first mark. From the beach, spectators could clearly see the intensity of the race as the riders bounced kites and lifted their kites aggressively vying to reach the buoy first.

At the mark, it was Julian Kerneur taking the hole shot on his 4m kite. In a dramatic race to the second buoy, Ozzy Smith, Marvin Baumeister, and Corniel were on the edge of control trying to pass Kerneur who faltered for a moment, allowing Corniel to take over the first position, rounding the mark first.

With Smith and Kerneur unable to catch up on the mad dash for the finish, it was Corniel taking the win.

The Women's final was equally exciting and the six competing women were clearly hungry to win. Boenniger made it to the mark first followed by Roose, Barbara Stechauner, and Bibiana Magaji close behind.

Aggressively bearing off the wind, the women battled to catch up as Boenniger managed to maintain a half a line length lead from the rest of the pack, maintaining first to the finish.

As Roose was out of the game going off course, it was a drag race to the finish in the battle for second and third as Stechauner blasted from third spot, hooking across the finish line at the buoy to steal second from Magaji, who took a straight line to cross the finish line in third.

2014 PKRA Surf World Cup Results:

Slalom Men
1. Brian Lake (USA)
2. Julien Kerneur (FRA)
3. Ozzy Smith (RSA)

Slalom Women
1. Katja Roose (NED)
2. Bibiana Magaji (SVK)
3. Christine Boenniger (GER)

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