British kitesurfers cross the English Channel

July 7, 2011 | Kiteboarding
English Channel: harsh times for kitesurfers

Two British kitesurfers have successfully kite crossed the English Channel. Wayne "Worsil" and Tom "Tiny tops" challenged super harsh conditions to complete the project.

Supported by two rib boats, the intrepid kiteboarders tried to get in the Guinness World Records and, at the same time, raised funds for Demelsea, a children's charity institution.

Wayne and Tom had a huge swell in front of them when they kicked off the kite trip. Moreover, wind gusts were making life harder for the adventurers.

The captured footage is incredible. The conditions were so extreme that one rib boat even capsized.

When the nerves and stress almost took part of the crew, a higher goal rose, and a firm decision was made.

They had to complete the mission.

Two hours and 30 minutes after, Wayne and Tom reached Boulogne in France. They were extremely exhausted but absolutely stoked.

Despite the enormous waves, the equipment was recovered, and everyone was well.