British Kitesurfing Association announces 2012 tour calendar

February 21, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Dom Yule: wave stylist

The British Kitesurfing Association (BKSA) has announced the final tour dates for the 2012 season. Despite the cold temperatures, the best kitesurfers in the UK will hit the water between April 6th-9th, at the Clacton "Easter Weekender". There are eight main venues.

The first round of competition will feature Freestyle and Race division. Then, the BKSA National Titles move to the Watergate Bay "West is Best", between April 21st-22nd. Waves are expected to be surfed here, too.

Before summer starts, the Hunstanton "Lifestyles Jubilee Weekender" promises Freestyle, Fun Slalom and Speed action, between June 1st-4th. The fourth stage of the 2012 BKSA kite season will be run at the Essex "Kitefest", between June 15th-17th, where kitelanders will have the opportunity to test their skills.

The Troon "Scottish Windfest" brings Freestyle and Fun Race to Scotland, between September 21st-23rd. Then, it's time for the Redcar "Kitetastic", in which Freestyle, Slalom, Freestyle Kitelandboard and Kitebuggy will show off, between 5th-7th October.

The famous Weymouth "Speed Week" runs fast from 6th-12th October, a few days before the Westward Ho! "Kitetastic Finals Week", between October 18th-20th, which will close the 2012 BKSA National Titles.

2012 BKSA Kitesurfing Season

Clacton "Easter Weekender"
April 6th-9th (Freestyle, Race)

Watergate Bay "West is Best "
April 21st-22nd (Race and Westcountry Wave Jam)

Hunstanton "Lifestyles Jubilee Weekender"
June 1st-4th (Freestyle, Fun Slalom, Speed)

Essex "Kitefest"
June 15th-17th (Freestyle Kitelandboard, Kitebuggy)

Troon "Scottish Windfest "
September 21st-23rd (Kitesurfing Freestyle and Fun Race)

Redcar "Kitetastic"
5th-7th October (Kitesurfing Freestyle, Slalom and Freestyle Kitelandboard, Kitebuggy)

Weymouth "Speed Week"
6th-12th October (Speed)

Westward Ho! " Kitetastic Finals Week"
October 14th-18th (Wavemasters)
October 18th-20th (Freestyle)
October 19th-20th (Race, Freestyle Kitelandboard and Kitebuggy)

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