Bruno Sroka and Kristin Boese win race at 2009 PKRA Greece

September 13, 2009 | Kiteboarding

2009 PKRA Greece at Paros

The final day of the Paros World Cup 2009 organized and led by Lefteris Maniadakis closed to a perfect day despite the light winds.  Weather conditions were warm and sunny with temperatures reaching 25 degrees Celsius. 

The mandatory riders meeting got underway at 10:00 am as race director, Olaf Van Tol stated that he would postpone the scheduled events due to the nearly non-existent wind in hopes that the updated forecast would change. 

Racers, organizers as well as a few locals decided to make the best of the last hours here in beautiful Paros, Greece.  What better way to cool off than to take a dip in the warm Mediterranean Sea.  A few sportive individuals went for wakeboarding sessions as well as some off-road fun.

Event organizer Lefteris Maniadakis announced at 2:00 pm that the wind forecast would not increase therefore the competition has sadly come to an end.

The awards ceremony was held on the beach at 2:30 pm.  Spectators watched as organizers and supporters presented the awards to all the winners. 

 A total of 11 races were held during the 5-day event.  German rider Kristin Boese (Best) is taking home the championship trophy for the women’s division. Greek first time racer Felicia Constandopoulou (Best) proudly walks away in second place followed by Maria Tampa (Naish, GRC) in third.

As expected, French rider Bruno Sroka (Cabrinha) steels the show for the men’s division, winning all 11 races followed by German rider Dirk Hanel in second place.  Julien Kerneur (Takoon, FRA) made a lot of progress throughout the competition managing to take third place in this event.

The National Greek Freestyle competition was a great success.  Local rider Mike Chatzilliadis (Flexifoil, GRC) managed to take first place, Iannis Tamvakis (Airush, GRC) take second place followed by George Argiriadis (Flexifoil, GRC) in third. 

The first place winner for the women’s freestyle competition went to Maria Kampa (Naish, GRC), Afroditi Balasica (Best, GRC) takes home second place followed by second place women’s racing winner Felicia Constandopoulou (Best, GRC).

Race Results (Final):


1.    Bruno Sroka (Cabrinha, FRA)
2.    Dirk Hanel (North, GER)
3.    Julien Kerneur (Takoon, FRA)


1.    Kristin Boese (Best, GER)
2.    Felicia Constandopoulou (Best, GRC)
3.    Maria Kampa (Naish, GRC)

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