Bruno Sroka will kiteboard from France to Ireland

June 18, 2013 | Kiteboarding
Bruno Sroka: he likes tough challenges

Bruno Sroka will try to connect France to Ireland in a 240 nautical mile (444 kilometers) kiteboarding journey that will last 17 hours.

This will be the first of three projects that will get Bruno Sroka to kite across the Mediterranean Sea (2014) and the Atlantic Ocean (2015).

The former kitesurfing world champion is always setting himself new and intense challenges. He kite-crossed the English Channel, sailed along Israel, Egypt and Jordan for the Gulf of Aqaba project and he crossed Cape Horn.

Now, it's time to link the French coast and the shore of the rough Irish Sea. Inspired by the visionary adventurer by the name of Arnaud de Rosnay, the intrepid kiteboarder will dedicate his life to pushing limits and taking risks.

The three-year project series is a gradual distance challenge. The France/Ireland kite cross is less demanding than the Atlantic Ocean sailing adventure.

"During every crossing, I will approve the preparation, organization, teamwork skills, the strategies, and technology innovation. It is also the best way to understand the reality of what is waiting for you out there and to face the elements of the ocean", explains Bruno Sroka.

The kiteboarder will set sail from L'Aber-Wrac'h, in France, and will arrive on the south coast of Ireland, in July 2013.