Building effective communications in kiteboarding

November 23, 2011 | Kiteboarding
Kiteboarding: communication is everything

The surf industry is a vast business and sports category, with surfing owning the largest share of the market. The surf industry often embeds wave riding activities, but skateboarding has always been part of the process.

Marketing and communicating wave sports is clearly effective in the surfing subcategory.

From the governing body (the International Surfing Association) to the official world surfing competition (the ASP World Tour), everything seems to work fine.

In surfing, information flows. You've got professional Press Releases, good resolution photography, and immediate feedback from the surf industry.

The main surf brands understand the difference between communicating products and communicating juicy surf information.

Kiteboarding is growing steadily in the world. More and more riders are experiencing the thrill of wind power.

The problem is communicating kiteboarding.

There are too many commercial newsletters, products, and prices in the overall kiteboard communicating strategy.

Kiteboard brands must create more news events, where the brand isn't everything.

Kiteboarding companies anchor their corporate communication goals through videos and first person statements from team riders.

Search engines are looking for original content, and that should be the best way of promoting brands.

What is interesting is that kiteboarding is closer to the Summer Olympic Games than surfing, despite being born later.

Nevertheless, the kiteboard industry is still behind surfing, windsurfing, and bodyboarding, when it comes to communicating the sport, the brands, and overall innovations.

Kiteboarding has so many interesting issues to be explored that it would be easy and useful to get things going.

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