Cabarete kiteboarder survives night at sea

October 12, 2010 | Kiteboarding
Joselito: lucky boy | Photo: StarKites

Joselito, a Cabarete kiteboarder, has spent a night out in the sea with his kite after failing to reach the city of Puerto Plata in a 34-kilometer downwinder attempt to reach the "Kiteboarding Cup of the International Atlantic Tourism."

The kiteboarder was riding along with friend Posito, and they are skilled athletes.

As reported by our friends at "The Kiteboarder," the journey only went wrong in the last miles, near Puerto Plata, when a big front hit their way.

The 50-knot winds degraded their visibility, and the two riders lost themselves.

Posito was able to paddle towards land, but Joselito could not. Rescue boats were alerted, but the night made search impossible.

The lost kiteboarder activated the emergency procedure by flipping his kite upside down and laid over it for the whole night.

In the first rays of sunshine, the pink kite caught the attention of a fishing boat that approached and rescued Joselito.

Our lucky kiteboarder is fine and back to his friends and family.

Remember: never ride a kite alone and have in mind all respect for the natural elements.

For more, learn the basic kiteboarding rules and safety guidelines.

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