Canadian sailor David Wright rescues kitesurfer in Mexico

April 29, 2010 | Kiteboarding

David Wright: sailor spirit

Canadian Laser sailor David Wright rescued a Spanish kiteboarder off the coast of La Cruz, Mexico.

He was kitesurfing with a friend, four kilometres offshore, when the wind died. This Spanish man was trying to swim back to the coast, but the other kitesurfer was far behind.

Having in consideration the wind, the tide and the water current, Wright and his US sailing team friends calculated and jumped into a powerboat to rescue the lost kiteboarder.

The searches covered nine kilometres of open water, during three long hours. The kiteboarder, in his 50's, was finally found, cold but calm.

David Wright got the 6th place at the 2009 World Sailing Championships and is currently training for the Olympic Games.

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