Carlos Mario triumphs in the Tarifa wind gusts

July 17, 2015 | Kiteboarding
Carlos Mario: superb performance in Tarifa | Photo: Romatsova/VKWC

Carlos Mario and Karolina Winkowska have claimed the Tarifa Kitesurfing World Championships 2015, in Spain.

In the final day of competition, riders were greeted by wind gusts up to 40 knots. Tarifa is one of the windiest spots in Europe, and professional kiteboarder had the chance to taste all its power.

In the Men's final, Mario and Marc Jacobs started with the same perfect front blind mobes, setting the tone and announcing that it was going to be a stiff competition. Despite crashing, Carlos returned with a new kite and landed an incredible double heart attack to steal the show.

"The level was really high but thanks to God I managed to pull the tricks I wanted. I went on my 7-meter, but the wind started to de and I quickly switched to my 9-meter which was perfect. The conditions were very strong and gusty here," explained Carlos Mario.

"In Brazil I was training with my 14-meter and 12-meter and when I got here and had to use my 7 and 6-meter it was very difficult, but luckily I could do all the tricks I wanted. I am so happy, but I don't have words to describe what I feel right now."

The Women's division saw Gisela Pulido and Karolina Winkowska fighting for top honors. The Spanish suffered multiple crashes and opened the way for a Polish victory. Winkowska completed a back to blind, front to blind and slim 5 to celebrate first place.

"I feel awesome, I had a really good final heat. I had so many Polish people screaming 'Karolina, Karolina go for it'! I had fans and being here surrounded by the crowd cheering was so nice," revealed Karolina Winkowska.

"This is the hardest place for me because it's Gisela's hometown, it's like the place she trains the most, but in the end it's only about tricks. I did a very big Front to Blind I was really happy about, it felt the best. I think it was actually my best heat."

VKWC Tarifa 2015 | Top 4

1. Carlos Mario
2. Marc Jacobs
3. Liam Whaley
4. Aaron Hadlow

1. Karolina Winkowska
2. Gisela Pulido
3. Bruna Kajiya
4. Paula Novotna

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