Carving, cruising and racing with the Airush Sector V3

March 23, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Airush Sector V3: carve, cruise and race

Airush has launched the upgraded line of the Sector V3 kite boards. The brand decided to develop the next evolution of the original widebody.

The V3 series promise a better kiteboarding experience, whether you're carving, cruising or racing.

The boards have been entirely redesigned based on the feedback of existing and potential Sector riders to meet the wants and needs of the new generation of rider demanding versatility in the Sector.

Airush kept the Sector V3 60 as the benchmark of the newest Sector V3 66 and the updated Sector V3 54, with also major changes in the boards deck shape, fin positions and options, and tail design.

With the development of new light wind experiences and the emergence of the carving category, the research and development team spent numerous hours designing a concept called the "Progressive Ride Configuration" to maximize the capabilities of each board.

But, what does it mean? The Sectors feature a unique system where all sizes have a cohesive feel, but become more maneuver oriented in the smaller sizes, and more light wind and racing oriented in the bigger sizes.

Each board is offered with an optimized fin set for its primary use, and with the option to change the fin sets to vary the key performance characteristics.

Watch the new gear in action.

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