Castelldefels will decide the 2012 Mini Kitesurf Tour Europe

October 22, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Mini Kitesurf Tour Europe: sunny and windy

The Mini Kitesurf Tour Europe coming to a close in Castelldefels, Spain, from November 1st-4th. Who will secure the 2012 Freestyle and Course Racing kiteboarding titles?

Tension is building as Europe's best kiteboarders head to the province of Barcelona for the much-anticipated last stage of the Mini Kitesurf Tour Europe.

The last tour leg makes the finale a unique location. The spot of Castelldefels has become a popular short break destination due to its perfect conditions and it's vibrant street life, Mediterranean climate and cosmopolitan spirit.

Costa Brava is a synonym of crystal clear seawater, perfect winds and a vibrating ambience. There will be 70 competitors from 15 nations fighting for the best places in the rankings.

The European Championship Kiteboarding Tour 2012 is fired up. Local riders from Cadiz, Tarifa and Barcelona as well as kitesurfer from USA, France, Germany, Colombia and Caribbean will make their way to Castelldefels, well as local star Alex Pastor.

Top course racers like Riccardo Leccese and 2012 European champion Adam Koch will ride along, too. Freestyle rider and German favorite Mario Rodwald, who won the last European kitesurfing events, will turn the spotlight on himself again.

Is he ready and strong enough to be crowned European champion in Spain or will there be a big surprise from the second placed Stefan Spiessberger? Annelous Lammerts and Sabrina Lutz will fight for the Women's Freestyle title. The heat is on.

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