Champions decided in the BKSA Wave Masters

October 24, 2008 | Kiteboarding
2008 BKSA Champions

Riders came from as far as Norfolk and South Wales to compete in the final round of the BKSA Wave Masters.

The forecast was for no wind on Friday - with the waves and wind building during the weekend. Friday we were all greeted with a lovely swell and riders had a great time surfing and paddleboarding in the glassy conditions.

Lee Harvey (Local fisherman and competitor) excitedly came down the beach that afternoon promising the best ever forecast for Sunday!

Saturday the wind was light onshore meaning the surf that was there to be blown out - however by 3 pm the wind was strong enough for riders to go out - an expression session was run in the small 2 ft waves.

Sam Moore put a good effort in on a 5ft Freestyle fish to win the juniors. Jackie and Debbie were next up in the ladies both going for backloops on their directional boards and catching a few waves.

The seniors saw Trevor Hale (last year's champ) go for some big Kiteloops - however, it was Paul Stebbing winning with his featherweight frame making the advantage of the light wind.

In the Men’s fleet seasoned competitor Denzil Williams made the most on his freestyle fish doing some fancy tricks and riding to take the win ahead of Will Bennett (who made a late recovery) and Mike Perry.

Saturday night was spent in the Sandsifter where all riders enjoyed the food laid on together with the DJ’s, which played on till 2 pm!

Sunday dawned with riders briefing at 10.30 am - the swell was pumping and the wind a nice Cross Off - perfect for Waveriding - Lee Pasty was right!

We had to wait for the tide to drop down and the comp started at 11.45 am. The early upset was Will Bennett (07 champ) who went out against James (Smiler) Waters. The standard was amazing with some great wave riding in the 6ft surf.

Will made it back through the loser's final to the 4-man final. There were 3 Cabrinha riders in the final, which made it interesting to judge - however the riders had the best 3 rides scored and 15 mins to ride as many as they wished.

Smiler rode consistently to take the win ahead of Will Bennett and Denzil Williams. Next up the Seniors, Juniors and Ladies were run, judged by the Men’s, there was some great riding from all concerned the waves still quite sizeable. The Juniors and Ladies had 3 heats each while the Seniors had a repechage. Top Junior was Daniel Maurice from Shoreham and Jackie Perry from Cornwall.

Last events winner Paul (Stubbie) Stebbings lost out in his 1st heat having to get through to the final the hard way. The Seniors (over 35) battled it out for 15 mins  - Gareth Morgan narrowly ahead of Trevor Hale to take the win.

Gwithian Results

1-  Daniel Maurice
2-  Sam Moore
3-  Martin Thatchell

1-  Jacinta Perry
2-  Debbie Kennedy

1-  Gareth Morgan (North)
2-  Trevor Hale (North)
3-  Paul Stebbings (Cabrinha)

1-  James Waters (Cabrinha)
2-  Will Bennett (Cabrinha, Santa Cruz)
3-  Denzil Williams (F-One)


Juniors - Daniel Maurice

Ladies - Jacinta Perry

Seniors - 1= Paul Stebbings and Gareth Morgan
Mens - Will Bennett

Source: British Kite Surfing Association