Colin Heckroodt wins 2011 Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic

January 13, 2011 | Kiteboarding
Colin Heckroodt: he rocked | Photo:Chrissie Cloete

The first edition of the Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic was a great success.

The inaugural event was held in South Africa with perfect wind conditions. Four top South Africa kiteboarders had the opportunity to test the 20-35 knots coming from East and West.

The water conditions were also excellent and the proof will be aired in a 26-minute film to be aired in February. Some of the competitors have considered they've enjoyed the best conditions ever in a South African kiteboarding contest.

In the end, Cannon Rocks will be remembered as a great kite spot for all African riders. Colin Heckroodt was the grand winner of the event, taking the Race and Freestyle comps, just like Michelle Smith did in the Women's division.

2011 Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic | Results

Men's Race

1 Colin Heckroodt
2 Oswald Smith
3 Oscar Armstrong
4 William Tyson
5 Kurt Schmelzer
6 Bruce Hough
7 Darren Rowbotham
8 Stuart Barnes

Men's Freestyle Pro

1 Colin Heckroodt
2 Oswald Smith
3 Luke Mcgillevie

Ladies' Race

1 Michelle Smith

Ladies' Freestyle

1 Michelle Smith
2 Gustavie Smith

Novice Freestyle

1 Brad Symington
2 Bruce Hough
3 Stefane Bergere