Cozzolino pulls a strapless and unhooked Flat 3

December 1, 2014 | Kiteboarding
Airton Cozzolino: no straps, no glue

Airton Cozzolino completed the first ever unhooked and unstrapped backside air reverse in kiteboarding, during the Merimbula Classic, held in Australia.

The Italian daredevil was not competing in the Kiteboarding Australia National Wave Riding Championships 2014. He was just a guest. But the truth is that it is hard to keep Cozzolino quiet.

The dreadlocked rider decided to hit a small wave ramp, launched into the sky and pulled the impossible, blending the traditional surfing style with the kiteboarding possibilities. No straps, no glue.

"Oh my god! I can't believe I landed it! I feel super happy right now. Next level," expressed Airton Cozzolino. The kiteboarder managed to keep the surfboard under his feet almost until it touches the water.

The 360 rotation is not less tricky to pull. The creative Italian goes unhooked and gets the kite bar behind his back while keeping his body in spin mode. What will he do next?

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