Dakhla opens the 2012 PKRA kiteboarding season

March 30, 2012 | Kiteboarding
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The 2012 PKRA World Tour is on. The first day of kiteboarding competition of the new season brought steady winds in the northeast direction, in Dakhla, Morocco.

The best local kitesurfing talents have showed their hidden cards, so Mohmed Hamaini and Mohmed Hassouni earned wildcard placements.

Among the 14 international competitors to move onto the final, Stephan Speissberger achieved the highest overall heat score with a 6.1 average. Eudazio Da Silva also impressed with a Blind Judge 7 - the highest scored trick of the entire day’s competition at 8.3.

Liam Whaley and Christopher Tack also shined, leaving much to be anticipated in the days to come, as did Kevin Langeree, who advanced on his first year back on tour since recovering from knee surgery.

The 2012 PKRA Dakhla also debuted a new computerized scoring system. The organization tested an iPad scoring method succeeded in providing accurate, fast, and reliable readings.

For now, the new system will only be employed for main heats in upcoming competitions.

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