Dale Stanton prevails in the waves of Lancelin

January 19, 2015 | Kiteboarding
Dale Stanton: golden victory in the Lancelin waves | Photo: John Carter

Dale Stanton has claimed the 2015 Kitesurfing Wave Sailing Competition at the Lancelin Ocean Classic, in Western Australia.

A windy and consistent afternoon above 22 knots gave athletes a strong base, although the swell being on the smaller side resulted in challenging conditions for the earlier half of the competition.

More than 50 kitesurfers delivered exceptional performances in the testing conditions making 2015 the biggest competition year so far.

The best elite wave sailors and a range of novices filled the competitors' list, including the man to beat - State champion Ryland Blakeney from Scarborough, Western Australia.

Well-known local rider Dale Stanton confirmed that many of the kiteboarders were swapping between six and eight-meter kites as the wind conditions varied through the afternoon.

Eight heats were required to include all riders and finals took place against the backdrop of a beautiful summer sunset from 7pm. Stanton ended up winning the event, followed by Ryland Blakeney and Glenn Moora, in second and third respectively.

2015 Kitesurfing Wave Sailing Competition

1. Dale Stanton
2. Ryland Blakeney
3. Glen Moora
4. Jake Gordon

1. Theresa McKirdy
2. Kim Lema
3. Fabiene Bosiger

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