Damien Leroy wins speed race over Moth and 49er

December 11, 2010 | Kiteboarding
Kite vs 49er vs Moth: three speedy sailing crafts

They called it "The Ultimate Sailing Showdown". Three kiteboarders, a Moth sailor, and two 49ers fought a very special battle. Who's the fastest in a windward-leeward race?

Brad Funk (Moth), Damien Leroy (Kite), Kent Marinkovic (Kite), Garry Menk (Kite), Alex Bishop (49er), and Valen Smith (49er) accepted the invitation from ou friends at Kiteracing.com.

The dispute was really intense. The lead of the race was always changing but, in the end, Damien Leroy beat his fellow sailors.

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