Deury Corniel and Nina Font Castells crowned 2018 TwinTip:Racing world champions

May 10, 2018 | Kiteboarding
2018 TwinTip:Racing Slalom Youth World Championship: a boardercross-style kite competition | Photo: IKA

Deury Corniel and Nina Font Castells claimed the 2018 TwinTip:Racing (TT:R) Slalom Youth World Championship, in Hainan Island, China.

The final qualification event for the upcoming 2018 Youth Olympic Games (YOG) defined the 24 athletes that, in October, will live the dream in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

It will be the first that kiteboarders will compete for gold, silver, and bronze medals in an Olympic event. The historical moment will also mean random clashes and tangles during hard-fought water battles.

The newly introduced kiteboarding discipline puts six-to-eight riders competing in adrenaline-fueled heats with five downwind legs each.

Whenever the wind permits, the organization installs one-meter high boardercross-style obstacles that must be jumped over. Each heat only lasts a few minutes, and there are constant lead changes.

The TT:R Youth World Championship was run by the International Kiteboarding Organization. The new world champions will now represent their nations in the highly anticipated Olympic event at Club Universitario de Buenos Aires.

"Right now, I'm super happy. The Dominican Republic is qualified. Normally, this is like a game. I just try to do my best, and I don't mind if there is someone better than me," expressed Deury Corniel.

Corniel kept his opponents at a safe distance and put out an impressive performance by winning five of the six races.

"We've been training for months and arrived prepared. For me, both things are the same - it's important to represent my country, but it is fantastic I'm world champion, too."

On the women's side, Spanish rising star Nina Font Castells also smashed her direct opponents by claiming four of the six races.

"It feels great. It's the first time our sport will be in the Olympic Games, so it's amazing to be heading there. But the world title is cool as well, so I'm really happy," added Castells.

The qualified nations for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games are Dominican Republic, China, Croatia, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Thailand, Antigua & Barbuda, Slovenia, Morocco, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Venezuela, and Argentina.

2018 TwinTip:Racing Slalom Youth World Championship | Top 5

1. Deuri Corniel (DOM), 4pts
2. Haoran Zhang (CHN), 11.5pts
3. Lorenzo Calcano (DOM), 14pts
4. Martin Dolenc (CRO), 19pts
5. Benoit Gomez (FRA), 20pts

1. Nina Font Castells (ESP), 4pts
2. Sofia Tomasoni (ITA), 13.5pts
3. Kewen Li (CHN), 19pts
4. Poema Newland (FRA), 19pts
5. Alice Ruggiu (ITA), 21pts uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more on our About section.