Corniel and Tomasoni win gold medals at 2018 Youth Olympic Games

October 15, 2018 | Kiteboarding
Deury Corniel: kiteboarding'g gold winner at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games | Photo: World Sailing

Deury Corniel and Sofia Tomasoni became the first-ever kiteboarders to win gold medals at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Kiteboarding made a successful Olympic debut with a slalom/boardercross style competition on twin-tip racing equipment.

The winner-takes-all finals got underway at Club Náutico San Isidro and offered no shortage of drama in both men's and women's divisions.

In the women's fleet, Alina Kornelli was clearly the favorite rider. She had won five out of six races. But after falling in the final, she never recovered.

Poema Newland crossed the line first, but a post-race two-point penalty made sure she could only settle with silver. Tomasoni was obviously ecstatic.

Sofia Tomasoni: riding for Italy | Photo: World Sailing

"It's a dream come true. The final race was very hard. I rounded the first mark, and I had too much wind and couldn't jump the obstacle and was third," explains Sofia Tomasoni.

"Then, at the very last tack, I came in second, and I was very frustrated. But then, another girl had a penalty, so I got the first place."

In the men's fleet, Corniel dominated the races; Christian Tio and Toni Vodisek tied in second place.

"I feel really happy. The conditions today were very good. In the beginning, I thought there was no wind, but in the end, everything changed, and we had 50 knots. It was good to have a fair race," notes Corniel.

"I would like to thank the Cabarete Kite Academy for supporting me and helping to prepare me to be here. I really hope to see more kids around and for more Dominicans to get this energy and make their dreams come true."

In the end, the Dominican Republic and the Philippines made history by winning their first-ever medals in an Olympic sailing event.

2018 Youth Olympic Games | IKA Twin Tip Racing Finals

1. Deury Corniel (DOM)
2. Christian Tio (PHI)
2. Toni Vodisek (SLO)

1. Sofia Tomasoni (ITA)
2. Poema Newland (FRA)
3. Nina Font (ESP)