Dublin crowns champions in the Battle for the Bay 2014

May 29, 2014 | Kiteboarding
Battle for the Bay 2014: jumping over buoys in Dublin

James Boulding and Hannah Whiteley have been crowned King and Queen at the Battle for the Bay 2014, in Dublin, Ireland.

The biggest kiteboarding event in Ireland has been running for eight years. The second stop of the Kite Boarder Cross (KBC) Tour saw kite skills come into play as riders manoeuvre their kites to ensure they jump over each of the floating obstacles.

Missing an obstacle incurs a penalty, and you've got to keep an eye on opponents, as they race to the finish line. The KBC ran heats for Juniors, Amateurs and Pros. In the end, Boulding and Whiteley prevailed.

"This was my first time competing in Boarder Cross. I loved the concept of jumping over inflatable buoys as fast as you can, your adrenaline is really going. I was super powered on my 15-meter! I won all my heats," says Hannah Whiteley.

The event also features a variety of SUP competitions, including individual races, team relay races, a six-kilometer and a fourteen-kilometer marathon. The competitions attract both national and international riders and the level of racing is outstanding.

The Battle for the Bay 2014 runs in Dollymount Beach, one the best flat water kiteboarding spots in the world.

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