Dylan van der Meij is the next Dutch big thing

June 18, 2011 | Kiteboarding
2011 Dutch Kiteboard Open: the rookie showdown

The 2011 Dutch Kiteboard Open has been finished in Noordwijk aan Zee, Netherlands. The 7th edition of the event proved to be getting more popular every year.

The biggest kiteboarding event in the Netherlands attracted the best riders and spectators, too. The Kiteboard Open competition focusses mostly on the Junior kitesurfers giving them a podium to show off to a bigger public.

The three days of competition were filled with rain, sun and most importantly, wind. Kiteboarding was possible on every day with kite sizes between 21m down to 8m.

Dutch talent Dylan van der Meij competed in the "Rookie" Freestyle competition, as well as in the "Best Trick" competition for Juniors. Dylan stood out over the weekend with a very solid riding combining new school tricks with old school style.

He beat all his competitors and won the single and double elimination rounds. van der Meij was also able to take the win in the "Best Trick", with a sweet and solid S-Bend handle-pass.

Bram Bast reached the podium in the "Best Trick" competition of the Pro Men, with a nuclear low-mobe over a wave, where his kite touched the water while performing the trick.


1. Dylan van der Meij
2. Rens van der Schoot
3. Remco Klabbers

"Best Trick" Rookie Competition: Dylan van der Meij


1. Vera Klabbers
2. Franka Tempelaar
3. Isabeau Galiart

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