Dylan van der Meij's freestyle trumps pay off in the KTA Philippines

February 24, 2014 | Kiteboarding
Dylan van der Meij: checking if the keys are in his pocket

Dylan van der Meij and Estefania Rosa dos Santos claimed the freestyle event of the Kiteboard Tour Asia (KTA) Philippines.

Bulabog Beach, in Boracay, delivered winds of more than 26 knots that pumped across the local flat waters. All riders were tested to the limit.

Andrey Salnik and van der Meij have met in the double elimination final. Both riders took to the water on 7-meter and 8-meter kites and even the powered and smooth Dutch suffered a few uncharacteristic crashes.

But Salnik, who tried to match the Dutchman trick-for-trick, yet go bigger, suffered a few hairy moments.

At one point, the Ukrainian, 28, landed a trick with such power and speed at the water's edge that he rode up the beach in his bindings before his kite crashed into the trees, miraculously without damage.

In the end, van der Meij's impressive repertoire of stomped tricks simply outpointed the Ukrainian rider.

"I'm super-happy. It was a really tough heat. The wind was huge, and the rain was in my eyes. I could see he was very powered and going big. So I wasn't sure whether I’d won or not," reveals van der Meij.

In the Women's freestyle final, Dos Santos was incredibly fluid in her range of tricks with Shifty 3s, Blind Judges and an "S" Bends to Blind thrown down, almost effortlessly in a way that overwhelmed the Dutch woman's tally.

Narapichit Pudla and Astrid Berz won the Formula Kite division. Pudla repeated the victory in the Twin Tip Race, alongside Kathrin Borgwardt.

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