Eamon Armstrong is the 2008 Irish Kitesurfing Champion

November 21, 2008 | Kiteboarding
2008 Irish Kitesurfing Champions

The final competition of the 2008 Irish Kitesurfing Championship was another no wind event, and so the placings are unchanged since Tyrella.

Well done to all competitors, in particular Eamon Armstrong, Nika Kupiw, and young Stefan Vance, the final winners of the Pro's, Ladies, and Amateurs.

The winners have been presented with the new IKSA perpetual trophies, created by MandN Furniture Design.



1st Eamon Armstrong (LSD Kiteboarding, Flexifoil, Underground, Pro-limit, Sooruz)

2nd Olivier Corbrun (Pure Magic, Best Kiteboarding, ABoards)

3rd Eddie Hawkins / Ross Harte (Wildrover kitesurfing, Ozone / Pure Magic, Cabhrina)


1st  Dominika Kupciw (Pure Magic, Cabhrina)

2nd Jennifer Kinnear (JK Jewelery)

3rd Aleksandra Bondareva (ABoards)


1st Stefan Vance

2nd Rob Cooper

3rd Neil O'Connor