Egypt military halts long distance kitesurfing record

July 10, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Maciej Zimowski: Egypt needs to get his kite up in the air

The armed forces of Egypt didn't grant authorization to Maciej Zimowski to break a Guinness World Record in local waters.

The Polish rider was preparing the El Gouna Guinness Kitesurfing Challenge but, after months of training, Egypt's first democratically elected President did not grant the necessary permits to complete the adventure.

"After many trials, few months preparation and big effort, finally I need to officially postpone the action because of politic changes in Egypt. I didn't get permission to go, so I need to respect it", said Zimowski.

"Nowadays, army is very careful with this kind of events and nobody wanted to take a responsibility for signing my documents. But no worries, I won't waist all I've done already. I will beat this record, just another time".

Maciej Zimowski wanted to break the long distance kitesurfing record, as well as help boosting Egypt's tourism by promoting water sports. His mission has only been delayed.