Egyptian riots force new setback in the 2013 PKRA World Tour

July 2, 2013 | Kiteboarding
Soma Bay: a great kiteboarding spot in Egypt

The 2013 PKRA World Tour has announced that the Egyptian stop has been cancelled. It's the second setback of the kiteboarding season.

Huge protests across Egypt and unstable outlook for the coming months have forced another major misfortune in the 2013 PKRA World Tour.

After having to postpone/suspend the PKRA Turkey due to the political situation in the country, the official kiteboarding world competition was forced to cancel the Soma Bay 2013, in Egypt.

"The event will not be rescheduled in 2013. The PKRA is looking forward to having an event in Egypt next year.  Egypt is a great place to kitesurf and the perfect venue for a PKRA World Cup to feature the best kitesurfers in the world", PKRA declares in a statement.

All eyes are now on the inaugural IKA/PKRA Kiteboarding Freestyle Junior World Championships, to be sailed in Sant Pere Pescador, Spain.

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