Florian Gruber and Sofia Tomasoni crowned TwinTip Racing world champions

July 30, 2018 | Kiteboarding
2018 TwinTip: Racing World Championships: Gruber stole the show | Photo: IKA

Florian Gruber and Sofia Tomasoni have claimed the 2018 TwinTip: Racing (TT:R) World Championships, in Gizzeria, Italy.

After a faltering start, the local kite star, Tomasoni, was able to keep her composure and put an exclamation mark on the last day of races. It's her first world title as a senior rider.

"I have no words to explain what just happened in the past five days. This is where I learned to kite. This is where my family is. I managed to change my mindset. I'm stoked!" expressed Sofia Tomasoni, who had already won the TT:R youth world title in the past.

On the men's side, the German superstar secured his third consecutive trophy by dominating the races.

"It seemed easy, but it's always hard. I had pretty clean racing most of the time, and I didn't make too many mistakes, so I was pretty relaxed. But the younger kids have got a lot better in the last year," added Florian Gruber.

In the TT:R Pump Kite Trophy, a division that will be featured in the upcoming Youth Olympic Games, there were 59 athletes from 19 countries competing. Adeury Corniel denied his opponents any chance of winning the gold medal.

"It's all about concentration and focus - that's the most important thing. I'm super happy, but it's not easy to keep winning every race. I've been training hard. The level is very high now."

2018 TwinTip: Racing World Championships | Top 3

1. Florian Gruber (GER)
2. Martin Dolenc (CRO)
3. Victor Bachichet (FRA)

1. Sofia Tomasoni (ITA)
2. Poema Newland (FRA)
3. Daniela Moroz (USA)

Men's Pump Kite Trophy
1. Adeury Corniel (DOM)
2. Lorenzo Calcaño (DOM)
3. Cameron Maramenides (USA)

Women's Pump Kite Trophy
1. Oliwia Hlobuczek (POL)
2. Anna Fedorova (RUS)
3. Maria Beatriz Dos Santos Silva (BRA)

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