Foilboarders dominate the La Ventana Classic 2016

January 11, 2016 | Kiteboarding
2016 La Ventana Classic: foilboarding style | Photo: The Kiteboarder

Mac Scaggs, Adam Withington, and Anthar Racca have bee crowned winners of the kiteboarding events at the La Ventana Classic, held in Mexico.

Steady winds blessed Baja California during the five-day competition held in Mexican waters. The La Ventana Classic attracted an interesting number of kiteboarders, as well as windsurfers and stand-up paddleboard enthusiasts.

On the final day, 16 kiters completed the 10-mile crossing in less than 30 minutes. Some were sailing with surfboards; others were riding twin tips. In the end, Mac Scaggs and Marie Leclerc took the top honors.

In the Criss-Cross division - a battle between ten foilboarders and five windsurfers - Adam Withington led his orange kite to victory. The fastest windsurfer was Tyson Poor.

The Freestyle contest delivered a spectacular showdown. The beach crowd saw Anthar Racca pulling a double heart attack, before claiming the super final with a front mobe, a blind judge, a 317, and a slim chance.

The 2016 La Ventana Classic also raised $12,666 for 42 local high school students of La Ventana and El Sargento.

2016 La Ventana Classic | Kiteboarding Results

The Crossing Men
1. Mac Scaggs
2. DJ Guacamole
3. Mark Bavis

The Crossing Women
1. Marie Leclerc
2. Vasilisa Zaytseva
3. Pam Glendinning

The Criss-Cross Foilers
1. Adam Withington
2. Nico Launderer
3. Oliver Willi

Freestyle Men
1. Anthar Racca
2. Evan Netsch
3. Adam Withington

Freestyle Women
1. Marie Leclerc
2. Min Kim
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